Vue Vignoble Bordeaux Ete

Château du Tastet vineyard


The estate was bought in 1905 and has been family run for four generations.

In 1988, we decided to develop sales in bottles, then creating Château du Tastet
We currently have a stock of bottles that covers several vintages.

Sustainable growing

We regularly check the plots to start the treatments with the help of a technician, in order to reduce the use of crop protection products.

We started mechanical weed control. In the long run we would like to stop using chemical weed killers.


We were mentioned in Jean Pierre Coffe’s book : My pleasure wines under 10€

Discovering new wines, meeting the winemakers…
His goal: producing red smooth wines, wines for everybody…
Fair quality/price ratio
Book published in 2005

Sale and wine tasting

Direct sales or by ordering

Wine and prunes may be purchased during the tours and wine tasting sessions on the estate or during wine shows and at our retailers’.
Accomodations can be found on the Bordeaux Tourist Information website
RV campsites can be found via France Passion

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